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From the Engine Room: Q2 2023

What Fitch’s U.S. Debt Downgrade Means for Investors

With investing, as in life, it’s important to know not just what to worry about, but when to do so. The national debt is rightfully […]

From the Engine Room: Q1 2023

Why Oil, the Fed and Jobs Are Surprising Markets

There is an old saying that happiness equals reality minus expectations. This is particularly relevant when it comes to financial […]

From the Engine Room: Q4 2022

A Year in Review 2022

It is important to note that financial markets and their participants are forward looking, while recessions are identified with lagging indicators – looking backward. […]

From the Engine Room: Q3 2022

Where Do You Find Your Focus?

There is often a lag before the economic data will reveal the effects of fiscal and monetary policy adjustments. The bottom line? Investors […]

From the Engine Room: Q2 2022

Mixed Markets and Economic Signals Explained

In many ways, the current investment environment may be one of the most challenging in years due to a variety of mixed signals. […]

From the Engine Room: Q1 2022

Focus and Perspective

Investors faced new challenges during the first quarter of the year as markets fell into correction territory. From red hot inflation to a Fed rate hike, […]

Life’s Important Milestones… in Finance

Life’s Important Milestones… in Finance

There are many important life and financial milestones that you should keep in mind. Eligibility requirements often depend on your year of birth, residency, or other […]

Create Your Master List of Goals 2022

Create Your Master List of Goals

Goal setting is fundamental to sound financial planning. Whether you’re considering these goals for the first time or have had lingering thoughts for some time, […]