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From the Engine Room: Q3 2021

Why Slower GDP Shouldn’t Worry Long-term Investors

The business cycle is advancing despite a number of investor concerns, one quarter after the economy returned to pre-pandemic levels. And while the […]

From the Engine Room: Q2 2021

The New Expansion

Of late your focus may have been on billionaires launching themselves into space, chiropractor visits from your crypto portfolio whiplash, still undecided tax legislation, refinancing debt, […]

From the Engine Room: Q1 2021

Intricacies in the Indices

As we begin the second quarter and reflect on the year past, it would be an understatement to say that investors faced historic challenges over […]

From the Engine Room: Q4 2020

A Time for Reflection

The year 2020 will forever be etched in our minds as a year of many challenges, but also provided a time of coming together to […]

From the Engine Room: Q3 2020

You Are In Control

If you are one who feels you are just a skin encapsulated bag of tendons and bones, victim to the world and outer circumstances, stressed […]

From the Engine Room: Q2 2020

The Economy and The Virus

Not since the 1960s and 70s has the United States experienced upheaval like it is experiencing today. We have […]

From the Engine Room: Q1 2020

An Economic Cliff or a Pothole

“Riding out this historic decline is how investors will earn the premium returns of stocks when the firestorm of terror burns […]

Coronavirus and Market Volatility

Coronavirus and Market Volatility

Market declines are an inevitable part of investing — what matters is how we respond. Nevertheless, periods similar to this past week may […]

From the Engine Room: Q4 2019

Eliminating Stress with a Plan & Gratitude

a“Nothing can stand up to gratitude. There’s no negative emotion — not fear, not self-doubt, not sadness, and […]

From the Engine Room: Q3 2019

Discovering the Truth

If we asked you to hold your breath or stop blinking, how long could you do it? A minute, maybe two? Now, what if we asked […]