Achieve your legacy goals.

The creation of wealth, preservation and transfer of wealth can be challenging goals to align. Utilizing the Timonier collaborative approach we can best prepare our clients to achieve their legacy goals.

Communication and Coordination.

There are multiple decision points and goals that factor into what type of estate plan is best for each unique individual or family. The foundation of any proper estate plan is communication and coordination. In a near perfect setting, each family needs to be able to communicate with ALL their advisors to ensure that their goals and objectives are clearly articulated and understood. The team of advisors then coordinate to determine how best to accomplish them in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Our advisors have the knowledge and experience to help guide your family through the options and available strategies to ensure your wishes and desires are met. Timonier’s family office approach was specifically designed so that the families we serve are confident that all aspects of a plan design and implementation are thought through, consistent with the family’s planning objectives, and are implemented in the most efficient methods and techniques possible.

Wealth Preservation

Wealth Transfer

Legacy Planning

Lifetime Gifting

Next-Generation Planning

Short-Term Capital Gains

Long-Term Capital Gains

Charitable Giving

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