Build an effective tax strategy.

Our multi-disciplinary approach from a centralized location means all of your wealth management professionals are working in concert to ensure your unique financial goals are met while focusing on the most tax efficient strategies to do so.

As today’s economic, financial and tax landscape becomes increasingly complex, an approach to wealth management that considers your entire financial picture can lead to clearer and more confident financial decisions. That’s because every financial decision — from your investment choices to financing a home, saving for retirement, funding a child’s education, evaluating retirement income strategies, establishing and choosing an appropriate family charitable trust, planning your legacy or business planning — also carries important tax implications. Making financial decisions in a silo that ignores important components of your overall financial picture can lead to unintended consequences and ineffective outcomes. All of your advisors must be communicating and on the same page!

“Tax planning is the art of arranging one’s affairs in a way to postpone or avoid taxation. Understanding your tax strategies and managing your tax liabilities should be part of any sound financial approach. By employing the most effective tax planning strategies, through advisor collaboration, Timonier clients have the opportunity to save more money to invest or use to maintain quality of life.”

At Timonier, we provide in-house tax advice and tax preparation because we believe all aspects of your financial picture should be given equal emphasis, including the impact of taxes on both short and long-term financial decisions.

Because we harness all of a client’s available wealth resources and information, our tax team can be highly efficient and proactive with our analysis and our recommendations. It’s one of the reasons that we set out to reinvent the way financial services are delivered.

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