Benevolence. Community. Impact.

When we refuse to give up on our values, our family, our friends, our neighbors, our communities, our world – we are philanthropists.

You do not have to have vast amounts of wealth to be philanthropic. Being a catalyst and conduit of love, change and support can make you a philanthropist. By virtue of a smile, a helping hand, a patient ear, a kind thought or prayer or through the providing of service can land you in this category. However, if you are in the fortunate category of accumulating financial wealth and are interested in being benevolent, then you should make sure you are optimizing your impact by using the right strategy.

Timonier’s advisory team works with our clients to crystalize a mission statement for the spiritual and social areas they wish to make significant impressions while both alive and in the generations that follow. It is through the formation of these charitable goals that a family can begin to understand how to make the greatest impact. From making gifts directly from their investment portfolios of highly appreciated securities, to establishing a family foundation through a Donor Advised Fund, or making current gifts to their favorite institution or cause from their Charitable Lead Trust…then distributing the residue to the family heirs, leaving a trail of significance is a conscious choice.

Timonier has shared these virtues through the years with our community involvement in hosting charitable events, sponsoring supporting organizations, hosting forums in human development, and making financial and time commitments as well as through the Connie Baker Scholarship Endowment at the University of South Carolina.

“An ideal State is one in which the surplus of wealth of the few will become…the property of the many…administered for the common good. The public verdict will then be:
The man who dies rich…dies disgraced.”

Andrew Carnegie

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