Understanding who you are…

The realization of your consciously created goals is achieved by uncovering your unconscious personality then aligning it to your unique life plan. The starting point, is to understand the core of who you are and then using this knowledge to make successful financial decisions.

Financial DNA describes the process of discovering the unique financial personality code found inherently in every person. A person’s psychological personality formed in their adolescent years combined with their unique environment, will impact every financial, business, work, relationship, and life decision that a person makes.

Financial DNA is all about empowering you to realize your inherent financial potential. Ultimately, money is an important part of life and therefore successful financial decisions must be made from the right platform and with the right mind-set. Uncovering your mind-set is foundational to financial fulfillment.The DNA Behavioral Discovery process was developed in 2001 by it’s founder and current CEO Hugh Massie. Since commencing business, DNA Behavior services people and organizations in over 123 countries through 11 languages and has 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes. It’s foundational research is derived from the bodies of work of Carl Jung, Daniel Kahneman, Meir Statman, Dalbar, and others. It is accredited in major universities such as Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, and Virginia Tech.

Timonier has experienced the benefits and authenticity within its team and with clients alike. It is a bleeding edge technology whose time has come to enrich the human experience.Discovering your Financial DNA will assist in making rational choices by helping you discover:

  • Your natural behavior under stress and how to uniquely respond to life and financial events.
  • A strategy for wealth creation through managing your emotional responses to events you cannot control.
  • How to build the quality of life you have always dreamed about through self-awareness, improved confidence, and discernment with partners to support your unique journey.

According to the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, 93.6% of wealth creation comes from your behavior and personal decision making and 6.4% from investment market returns. Let’s nurture with proper attention, that which has the greatest impact on your life’s experience.

“You have power over your mind…not outside events. Master this and you will find peace, strength, and fulfillment.”

-Marcus Aurelius

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