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Retirement collaboration.

Timonier is dedicated to the wellbeing of the participants and plans we serve. Allow our advisors to bring clarity and confidence to your financial future through education, understanding and guidance.


Time is valuable, especially in the investment world. We have all the necessary tools to enroll you in the right plan with the speed of a click. We can then select your deferral amounts and investment allocation. Participating in your retirement plan has income tax advantages, deferred investment growth, company participation (with selected plans), low cost options and portability options.


Participant Education

Our ongoing review and assessment process ensures that your education plan is always on track. Should you ever have any questions your Timonier Advisor is always standing by, readily available to help.


Choosing the Right Investment

With 10 model portfolios, each carefully constructed to provide global investment options – including stocks, bonds, real estate and cash, we help simplify the challenges of investing. Your trusted Timonier Advisor can discuss each option with you and help you choose the model that is right for you.


Continuous Guides

Having a steadfast fiduciary guide is essential to successfully navigating the path to retirement. Revisiting your 401(k) annually is a good practice to ensure your financial well-being.



Timonier has a vast suite of articles and education resources available to you as a retirement plan participant you are also eligible for a one-on-one MasterPlanning session to ensure you are on the right investment path. Browse our suite of online resources or log-on to your retirement plan website.


Retirement Education Resources

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