Create Your Master List of Goals

Goal setting is fundamental to sound financial planning. Whether you’re considering these goals for the first time or have had lingering thoughts for some time, it is essential to identify and prioritize your objectives. Often, we have difficulty expressing and assigning precedence to goals. Or, we may simply overlook a need or objective. Together you and a trusted advisor can unravel, quantify and assign a hierarchy to achieving these goals and the actions required.

In response to this challenge, we’ve created this “Master List Of Goals.” This resource is inspired by the work of  Ray Sin, Ph.D.; Ryan O. Murphy, Ph.D.; and Samantha Lamas, who authored “Goals-Based Financial Planning: How Simple Lists Can Overcome Cognitive Blind Spots” in the Journal of Financial Planning.

These foundational questions help you expand upon understanding, and provide awareness of the multitude of possibilities and goals to consider, including:

  • Retirement and lifestyle goals
  • Tax planning & healthcare goals
  • Self-development and professional goals
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer goals

Updated for 10/15/2021