Discovering the Truth

If we asked you to hold your breath or stop blinking, how long could you do it? A minute, maybe two? Now, what if we asked how long you could go without being moved by the latest headline news? Impeachment unrest, Trump’s trade wars, Hong Kong protests, Brexit stress, climate change, inverted bond yields, the price of oil, failed IPO’s … you name it. There’s plenty to think about these days.

With so much mis-information in the world that is touted as truth, it is refreshing to discover thought leaders producing material that lifts the veil hiding the facts.  Since 1970, the number of people living in starvation-level poverty has dropped by 80 percent.  Over two billion people have been lifted out of this plight!  A most remarkable decline.  But you wouldn’t know it by turning on the evening news.

Navigating today’s financial markets while sifting through the noise to find truth can be a tall order without the guidance of a true investment fiduciary. This topic and more will be covered in this quarterly newsletter from your trusted advisors at Timonier. We hope you enjoy the thoughtful insights from our President and CEO, Tim Baker.

Click the following link to access your copy of Timonier’s latest quarterly newsletter and update on the capital markets: From the Engine Room Q3 2019.