The Truth in Silence

When it comes to making financial decisions, how do you know what is “noise” and what is substance? Even educated judgments can be very “noisy,” and that’s before we even consider the din of discussion we’re subjected to daily from a never-ending global feed of often insignificant information.

As behavioral economist, Daniel Kahneman, describes, “The problem is that humans are unreliable decision-makers; their judgments are strongly influenced by irrelevant factors, such as their current mood, the time since their last meal, and the weather. … Whenever there is judgment there is noise and probably a lot more than you think.”

Navigating today’s financial markets while sifting through the noise to find truth can be a tall order without the guidance of a true investment fiduciary. This topic and more will be covered in this quarterly newsletter from your trusted advisors at Timonier. We hope you enjoy the thoughtful insights from our President and CEO, Tim Baker.

Click the following link to access your copy of Timonier’s latest quarterly newsletter and update on the capital markets: From the Engine Room Q2 2019.