Globalization…an Emerging Story

When building a globally diversified investment portfolio it is important to note that the portfolio’s higher returning securities will be muted by the lower returning securities, and vice versa, in any given time period. It is also important to note that it is statistically improbable to predict which sub-asset class will be the champions for that period of time or fall into the lackluster performance camp. The odds will favor however the globally diversified, buy and hold, evidence-based investor. In the wake of the recent market turbulence it rings true that our client base has adopted this steadfast and stoic ideology, as we have received zero panic in the form of email or calls. And as your advisors, we could not be more grateful for this fact. This means that the families we serve have the emotional and financial fortitude and discipline required to be successful on their wealth journey. A journey of which we are eternally grateful to be an accompanying party.

Irrespective of the media noise, tariff rhetoric and geopolitical events, the numbers are in. Fix your eyes on the quarter ending results of the global capital markets from your trusted advisors here at Timonier. Explore the report’s timeline of events from this past quarter along with commentary from Timonier’s President & CEO, Tim Baker. You are sure to EnJOY!

Click the following link to access your copy of Timonier’s latest quarterly newsletter and capital market information: From the Engine Room Q3 2018