Overall, the second quarter of global market activity was accompanied by a lot of the same headlines as Q1. Volatility surged on, trade wars were fought, data privacy rights were scrutinized and the internet joined the ranks of capitalism by virtue of the death of net neutrality. But what does all this noise mean for your portfolio? Or better yet, your long term investment goals and your ability to achieve those goals? For those utilizing the guidance and fiduciary advice of a financial advisor, the answer is, nothing. But if you read the investment headlines daily or fixated on the talking pundits of major new outlets you might not have the same sentiments. In short, it was a great quarter to practice the act of “wei wu-wei” or as the Chinese philosophy of Taoism quote translates, “do without doing.”

Irrespective of the media noise and geopolitical events, the numbers are in. Fix your eyes on the quarter ending results of the global capital markets from your trusted advisors here at Timonier. Explore this report illustrated with a timeline of events from this past quarter along with commentary from Timonier’s President & CEO Tim Baker. You are sure to EnJOY!

Click the following link to access your copy of Timonier’s latest quarterly newsletter: From the Engine Room Q2 2018